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Dragon NFXS Transitions Stretch Snowmobile Goggles

$ 199.00

Transitions® adaptive lens automatically darken and lighten in response to changing sunlight and weather conditions. In various lighting, certain colors can enhance vision. Dragon has teamed up with Transitions® to bring you the latest in goggle lens technology. The yellow base tint of Dragon Transitions adaptive goggles has been shown to enhance contrast in cloudy or foggy conditions. The activated gray tint is best for providing contrast and comfort in bright light conditions.

Benefits of Transitions® lens:

  • Reduced squinting, straining, and eye fatigue
  • Clear, comfortable vision all day long
  • Protection from UV rays.

Features of Transitions® lens:

    • Advanced Molecular Technology. Transitions Optical has has developed the photochromatic dye that is chemically blended into a lens using innovative imbibing, or Trans-Bonding™ processes
    • Ensures a higher quality photochromic technology that never "peels" like laminated photochromic lenses
    • Lens transitions process is so seamless that you don't even notice the tint changing
    • In various lighting conditions, certain colors can enhance vision
    • High quality polycarbonate lens
    • Recommended for conditions in which you need improved or increased depth perception

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